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Easy Ways to Get Rid of Bingo Wings

If the fat that hangs underneath your upper arms is a problem for you then you need not despair since there are ways to get rid of those bingo wings. This is a common problem for women who are over the age of forty, but can also be a problem for those who are overweight. Even if you lose weight, you will still notice some sagging flab, known to many as the bat wings. To get rid of bingo wings, you need to some light cardio exercises, limited weight training, together with a well-balanced nutrition plan. This simple and free PDF guide to help you plan your weekly meals.

Having a suitable cardio plan to burn fat and show off those muscles is a good way to get rid of bingo wings. As you decrease the fat inside the more your muscles will show. You also need to eat food with less fat such as fish and beans and forego all fatty foods and junk foods. As you snack on fruits and vegetables and keep your body well hydrated, the better your metabolism will be. To build your muscles especially your biceps and tricepts you need to tone your arms by starting with some light weight training. You can also do some push-ups and pull-downs to lose your underarm fat.

Aside from this weight training, resistance training for two to three times a week that targets each muscle group from your arms, shoulders, back, legs, and abdomen is an effective way to get rid of bingo wings. Weight training can help you build muscles and burn more calories even when you are resting, while resistance training can help strengthen them. You also need to focus more in your triceps by doing triceps extension exercises. If you do not want to use weights, then you can do triceps dips instead.

The first thing that people consider doing to get rid of bingo wings is to jump staright into an exercise program. However, your exercise program should go hand-in-hand with this great diet and nutritional plan.

While the exercise program can help you burn calories, build more muscles, and tone your arms, having the right diet for you will help you maintain your weight and trim down your calories and having these two plans working together are the best ways for you to banish those bingo wings.

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